Agricultural trailers with and without traction.

Asturtomi S.L. manufactures more than 20 types of trailers Agricultural:

  • Production with and without traction to all types of tractors.
  • Variety of measures, weights, sizes and wheel sizes.
  • Inside the drive version, have 3 types of axes (straight average with final reducers and hydraulic drive shafts).
  • Reductive option to disconnect traction.
  • Robust chassis in folding or different measures UPN profile.
  • Sobrelaterales possibility of different measures and front support beams, etc.
  • We manufacture in different materials (wood, iron or aluminum).
  • All models are fitted with hydraulic brake and hydraulic dump.
  • Potential models of three-way tipper.
  • All trailers are approved and delivered with its corresponding card technical inspection of vehicles.