500/600 EVO4 SERIES

5000 kg total approved weight with up to 3300 kg useful load capacity.

The Evo3 500/600 series stands at the top of the Caron agricultural machine range with one seat.
These sturdy professional tractors are designed for those operators requiring to work with the greatest efficiency and reliability, and above all, complete safety.

SAFETY is guaranteed by double hydraulic circuit braking system on all 4 wheels (“miniservo” in the 600 series), the accident-prevention safety devices and the roll bar or the approved closed cab, the only one to be approved also on the articulated version..

DRIVING COMFORT is ensured by the new platform suspended on silent-blocks, the closed, heated cab, the ergonomic layout of the controls, the approved adjustable comfort seat with seat belts, and the sound-proofing of latest-generation 3 and 4 cylinder engines.

VERSATILITY is guaranteed by the synchronized 24-speed gearbox with max. 40 km/h speed, the 2-speed rear and central power take-offs with independent hydraulic clutch, the front and rear drawbar hitch, the various widths available from 124 to 165 cm, the two wheelbase options, and the possibility for on-road driving also with twin wheels.

STRENGTH that makes this tractor the only one in its sector approved to a total weight of 5000 kg and a towing weight of over 5600 kg.

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