We consider this first goal accomplished, from Industrias Tomi, takes several years investing in expanding the range of products and services, acquiring new warehouses to exhibit new developments and leaving aside the technology, innovation and increased performance and productivity in services and agricultural machinery.
Tomi Industries, headquartered in Polygon Obanca in Cangas del Narcea (Asturias), with a facility that breathes concern: Technological innovation to provide customers with high performance in daily work, counting for such so a team with great experience in the sector.

The company mission is to provide customers with products, service and after sales care and guaranteed quality parts, achieving increased productivity and achieve value creation in the field. Tomi Industries, has for several years and exclusive to Spain, importing and trasporter tractocarros Caron, approved and guaranteed in Spain.

Betting on a machinery as that provides its guests Industries Tomi: safe, high quality and able to perform at your best in any situation, no doubt Industries Tomi be your right choice. Nevertheless, Tomi Industries continues in his work and is continually adding new products and solutions to the farmer’s life easier and more profitable, offering each the answer to your needs.